Hey y’all, I’m Sara.

I was 11 when I realized that I wanted to write for the rest of my life, when I tried to write a fantasy book. Every page was written in pencil on wide-ruled notebook paper, and every chapter was only a page long. From then on, I wrote songs, diary entries, essays, prayers, lists; anything that felt worth writing down, I scribbled into notebooks.

In college, I realized that writing is something you can do with the rest of your life, if you have a journalism degree. It’s hard, and exhausting, but you’ll be able to talk about characters and events in a way that matters — because these people are real.

My name is Sara Pequeño, and I am a reporter and digital content manager currently living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In August 2019, I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Media and Journalism and Political Science. I’ve written about subjects ranging in topic, importance, and length, from a history piece about a possum named Slow Poke for Our State magazine, to the ongoing conflict over UNC’s recently toppled Confederate monument for INDY Week, to a 2,000 word story on the Venezuelan migrant crisis’ affects on healthcare in Medellín, Colombia through UNC’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media. At the end of the day, people attract me to a story. To me, this is what makes these tales worth telling in the first place.

Currently, I’m working in Durham and Raleigh full time as INDY Week’s digital content manager — basically doing a little bit of writing and a whole lot of Tweeting (and other things too).

When I’m not at INDY, I’m probably working at Sup Dogs, playing with my cat Percy, or trying to get as close to nature as one can in a college town with more luxury apartments than trails. I’m also an advocate for mental health, and share my experiences with depression, anxiety, and care on my Twitter.

For questions or inquiries, email me at sarapequeno19@gmail.com. For now, take a look around at some of my writings over the last few years.